Warranty & Repair

Juste Amour provide a 6 Month Fully Warranty Cover for every purchases


Full Warranty Cover Includes:

  1. Item Damage or Broken.
  2. Stone Removed
  3. Scratch
  4. Ring Resize (1 Time Only)


Process for Warranty Service

  1. Please Email us a notify with Product Photo attached
  2. Wait for our reply for Shipping Instruction. (*Customer will be respond for the Shipping Fee)
  3. Email us the Tracking Number
  4. Once we receive the Jewellery piece, we will start Repair for it (Repair Time will depends on the Jewellery piece)
  5. Once finish, we will send the Jewellery piece back. (*Customer will be respond for the Shipping Fee)


Juste Amour Life Time Warranty

  • Free Polish for all items in Gold or Silver, to make your Jewellery Pieces a new life and shin again.

Non-Repairable Items

  • If once the Jewellery pieces was alteration or resizing outside, Warranty will be Stop & Cancel.

After Warranty period, we still accept Repair

  • Please kindly contact us by email with repair details and photos for the Jewellery piece, we will reply you a quote for the amount of the Repair. All Repair items will have a free Polishing service.


Please let us know if you have any questions and we will add up in this list.

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